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About Us

Shaun & Crystal

It’s All About Family

Home is where first steps are taken, loved ones gather and memories are made.  At its heart, the EETKO Builders is all about family. Ours, and yours.  It’s a story of passion and pride, building a brand that stands for excellence.

EETKO, which stands for ‘Energy Efficient Turn Key Originals’ began as the brainchild of Shaun & Crystal Gober. ‘ We wanted to build unique homes that have equally unique traits, from roof lines to floors each finish is specific to the design of that home.’

The true vision for EETKO is to design and build fully customized energy efficient homes the way our customers want them with the quality and detail they expect and at the price that meets their budget.  ‘its very rewarding to involve the customer in the entire process – educating them and allowing them creative freedom to think outside the box.  This is what defines EETKO Builders’.

Shaun & Crystal’s ability to create a vision to help each customer imagine ‘their’ new home helps spark new and creative ideas that are unique and personal to this home.  ‘your imagination is the limit to what we can do’.

‘In the beginning when the concept of EETKO we established a set of guidelines in which we pledged to always adhere to we created and adopted’:

  • We will build each house with passion and conviction as if it were our own
  • We will not compromise our quality standards by using inferior products or practices
  • We will always work to spark creativity into our customers and allow them the freedom to dream big
  • We will always work to incorporate any vision the customer has into their unique custom home
  • We will make the entire experience exciting and enjoyable for each customer
    and finally,
  • We will work very hard to create life-long friends out of each customer as you are not just a customer to us, when you take ownership of your new home you then become family.

Shaun & Crystal